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Sonifier® 250CE (450) Analogue

Sonifier® Accessories

Sonifier® Model
SLPe 150 Digital

Branson IC1216

Tank Size: 450 x 300 x 300mm
36 Litres

Acoustic Sound Enclosure

Sonifier® 450CE (250) Digital

B8800 Tabletop Ultrasonic Cleaner

Tank Size: 495 x 290 x 150mm 20 Litres

Bransonic Precision Cleaning Power is faster, more consistent and safer than many other methods. It is powerful enough to remove heavy oils, buffing compounds, or proteins, consistent enough to manage difficult laboratory cleaning every time and safe enough for delicate electronic components or fine jewellery.
Ultrasonic sound waves moving through a cleaning solution create an effect called cavitation, the rapid formation and collapse of microscopic bubbles. This violent collapse, along with the cleaning chemistry, scrubs every wetted surface.
The deep cleaning action of ultrasonics removes the most stubborn contamination, even from blind holes and internal surfaces.
HEAT enhances this process.
Bransonic cleaners now include the same high power, rugged transducers fitted on industrial systems. Coupled with a unique sweep frequency capability, to eliminate standing waves and create even cleaning, providing the best cleaning every time.

You may choose from five model sizes, each in four versions with capacities up to 20 Litres:

•  M
  (Mechanical Timer) has a timer switch, which can be set for up to 60 minutes and has a setting for continuous cleaning.
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H (Mechanical Timer and Heater) in addition to the mechanical timer this version has a heater, which can be switched on as desired, with a safety cut-off to protect against overheating.
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CPX (Digital Timer) features digital controls with power tracking capabilities to adjust for light and heavy loads, high/low power control, degassing and sleep mode.
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CPXH (Digital Timer and Heater) in addition to the digital timer this version has an adjustable heater that can be set for up to 69ºC. There is also an automatic ultrasonic activation, so when the temperature reaches the programmable set point, the ultrasonic cycle begins. This includes selectable times for both degas and ultrasonic processing.
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Bransonic B-200 is compact and stylish. It is specifically designed to clean jewellery and optical components quickly and effectively. A 5 minute timer, cover and parts basket are included.

Branson IC-Series Integrated Ultrasonic Cleaning Units incorporate many of the capabilities found on larger console units. Their rugged design and stainless steel construction will assure many years of trouble-free operation.
Offered in two stages the IC-Series units will deliver precise cleaning quickly, consistently and cost effectively.Complete with basket and lid. A choice of operating frequency 25 or 40 Khz and a capacity of 36 or 70 Litres.

Tank System 

Manufactured from high grade stainless steel. Choice of operating frequency 25kHz or 40kHz. Up to 108 litre capacity. Continuously rated for heavy duty operation.

Table Top Multistage Clean, Rinse and Drying Unit

Unique compact construction showing the 4 stage system. Microprocessor type system control for various functions.

All Branson IC units are covered by the Branson Worldwide 2 Year guarantee.


Cleaning Solutions

B200 Ultrasonic Cleaner
The perfect size for jewellery and optical devices
Tank Size: 170 x 90 x 50mm 0.5 litres